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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Le Ecole'.

This is coolbert:

"Ils s'instruisent pour vaincre": "They study to vanquish."

Not all nations find and educate suitable military officer material as does the U.S.

Career serving regular commissioned officers of the U.S. Army for the most part receive both a baccalaureate [four year] degree and a military education simultaneously while attending the military academy at West Point.

NOT so in the cases of Great Britain or France.

Both nations expect a military student [a cadet] at their service academies to be already educated, possessing a four year college degree, before entry.

The English have Sandhurst as their academy for producing regular serving commissioned officers.

"Sandhurst, unlike some other national military academies . . . is not a university. Entrants are expected to already be university graduates, although this is not an absolute requirement."

"The Commissioning Course, lasting 44 weeks, must be passed by all British regular army officers (with some exceptions) before they receive their commission."

The French too have their own famous military academy, St. Cyr.

Again, as with the English, the French also accept only those that ALREADY have a four year baccalaureate degree. ALREADY an educated person.

"French students who enter the École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr as cadets are about 21 years old and have already completed the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in a military or civilian preparatory college."

The French method for producing a career serving regular commissioned officer seems to be more entailed, and much longer than the method used by the British.

"After admission, students spend three years at the École Spéciale Militaire, the first of which primarily involves military training with some time devoted to academics. The last two years focus on academics with several one- to three-week breaks for military training."

[the French also have the Ecole' Polytechnique. A science and engineering school that has a cadet corps. Those that aspire for military careers and are math and science oriented can get a good education here and belong to the cadet corps too. Those that do both have the usual intentions of attending St. Cyr.]



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