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Friday, March 23, 2007


This is coolbert:

From the comments of a reader. This is very germane.

"This isn't the place for this comment, but just found this. I was not in the navy, but this doesn't look good."

Apparently, the Iranians are looking to buy it.

This is the Sizzler anti-ship missile. A Russian design that confounds conventional anti-ship missile defenses of the U.S. Navy. NOW the Iranians want to buy? The Chinese have already done so.

This Sizzler is a particularly nasty piece of work. Can be launched from either a surface vessel or a submarine. Will be used by the Chinese or the Iranians to confront and possibly defeat an American surface force based on the aircraft carrier.

[the U.S. Navy ever since World War Two [WW2] has realized that the aircraft carrier is a "heavy weight with a glass jaw!" One proper punch in the wrong spot and the ship is out of business. The kamikaze proved that in WW2. Carriers must be used offensively and aggressively and take out the opponent FIRST!!]

NOT a big missile. But potent. I guess the idea would be to fire a barrage of these "things" at a U.S. naval battle group, and some would get through, regardless of defensive measures. In the final approach, accelerates to a Mach 3 speed and makes mid-course maneuvers to defeat the defender. DOES NOT fly straight and true just prior to impact.

Russia HAS NOT stopped it's advance weapons design. CAN and WILL come up will "stuff" that is sold on the export market and can upset the apple cart.

Can this stop the Sizzler??

The Phalanx. Mounted on U.S. ships. Intended to STOP missiles such as the Sizzler. Often called "a Dalek". Well, it is hoped the Phalanx in the most advanced stage is up to the task??!!




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