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Thursday, November 30, 2006


This is coolbert:

Interesting photo in the Chicago Tribune today. President Bush is receiving the red carpet treatment in Amman, Jordan. Walking with King Abdullah and being saluted by a Circassian bodyguard of the King. Those Circassians that are the devoted servants of Abdullah, and before him, of his father, Hussein. Those Circassians that have been the subject of a prior blog entry.

You can see the somewhat archaic paraphenalia and various weapons of the bodyguard in detail. Archaic, but nonetheless, probably NOT JUST FOR DISPLAY.

* A holstered pistol with lanyard [cord] attached to belt.

* A dagger worn in the front.

* A dagger worn on the left side.

* A tunic with pockets for rifle cartridges sewn into the fabric.

* Three apparently symbolic daggers worn on the right side.

These bodyguards are ready for any eventuality?!

[Evidently there is a sizeable population [1 % of the total Jordanian population, as distinct from Arabs] of Circassians living in Jordan. Comprised 80 % of the Arab Legion when under British command!!??]



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