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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Military Academy.

This is coolbert:

"Here's something I found looking up the 'retired military officers' amicus' brief, which, as I recall is fairly explicit about the use of 'race preference programs' for disadvantaged minorities in officer promotions in the military: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg asked Olson if he recognized that 'all of the military academies do have race preference programs in admissions.'"

"all of the military academies do have race preference programs in admissions."

NO!! This cannot be!!

This just seems to be incredible to me! How this is so I cannot understand! If it is so, HOW is it possible??

For the military academies, the process for APPOINTMENT is very meticulous. Or so I had thought.

Each member of Congress at one time could make one appointment yearly to each of the military academies [one appointment each to West Point, Annapolis, Air Force, and Coast Guard]. In addition, twenty cadets would be taken from the JROTC program, and twenty from the active duty enlisted ranks yearly also!

The number of SLOTS available for appointment were very limited.

IT USED TO BE that such appointments had a highly local, but very political aspect to them. Congressional delegates were known to go through the motions of competitive exams, and then selecting someone based upon OTHER than test scores.

I think now that competitive exams are a main criteria. High marks in high school are more or less mandatory [many of the military academies have incoming classes that consist of a very high percentage of valedictorians and salutorians], and having demonstrable leadership skills even at a young age is also looked for.

Plus, the atmosphere at say West Point is very competitive. Slackers are not welcome. The pace of things is frenetic. YOU just cannot excel at class work. YOU must do the requisite sports, and then the standard military stuff TOO!!

[during the summer break, you attend military courses and schools such as Ranger or parachute qualification, etc. YOU DO NOT have time off as would students in a civilian setting.]

Less than acceptable performance is just NOT tolerated. If you are not up to things in the first place, you WILL JUST NOT MAKE IT!!

I would supposed that race based preferences could or does exist. But special programs will not usually matter in the case of the military academies. The combination of course work, sports, military related subjects, discipline, is just to intense for all but the best. If you are not selected from the start with ability in mind, YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT THROUGH THE FOUR YEARS!!
As simple as that!!



Anonymous JSBolton said...

If the consideration is only whether each is to be minimally qualified for their position, that leaves the main point of contention in darkness.
When there is deviation from the merit system which applies as between those of the majority, in order to increase the percentage of officers from disadvantaged minorities; this randomizes the information provided by the merit system. It degrades the information and this is prima facie disadvantageous to national security.
Some mutinies on ships, or insubordination by minority conscripts, was presented in the retired military officers' amicus brief in the U Michigan cases as allowing carte blanche for what the Supreme Court called race preference programs. They were saying race could be considered as a form of merit in itself, in officers' promotions; since blacks somehow 'need' black officers to be present in quota proportions.

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