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Friday, August 25, 2006


This is coolbert:

A recent archeological excavation in Mexico has uncovered remains that indicate the ancient Aztec indulged in ritual cannibalism of captured prisoners of war.

I am not sure if this is totally new to the world of archeology. From the chronicles of the Aztec and the Spanish invader under Cortez, it is know that ritual sacrifice of captured prisoners of war was common place for the Aztec. But cannibalism is something I have not heard of before.

Both Spaniards and their American Indian allies were the victims in this case.

"Skulls and bones from the Tecuaque archaeological site near Mexico City show about 550 victims had their hearts ripped out by Aztec priests in ritual offerings, and were dismembered or had their bones boiled or scraped clean, experts say.

The findings support accounts of Aztecs capturing and killing a caravan of Spanish conquistadors and local men, women and children traveling with them in revenge for the murder of Cacamatzin, king of the Aztec empire's No. 2 city of Texcoco."

The Aztecs were noted for their military skill and rapacity. Possessed a brutality that made them greatly feared by their "neighbors". Were overlords generally hated by those they ruled over.

Cortez, during his invasion and conquest of Mexico and the Aztec Empire, did make valuable alliances with American Indian tribes that were subject to Aztec rule. These tribes were more than willing to join forces with Cortez.

There are forever, several errors in this article.

"History books say many indigenous Mexicans welcomed the white-skinned horsemen in the belief they were returning gods but turned against the Spaniards once they tried to take over the Aztec seat of power in a conflict that ended in 1521.

'This is the first place that has so much evidence there was resistance to the conquest,' said archaeologist Enrique Martinez, director of the dig at Calpulalpan in Tlaxcala state, near Texcoco.

'It shows it wasn't all submission. There was a fight.'"

The statements of Enrique are absurd. NO ONE has ever suggested that there WAS NOT resistance to the Spanish conquest. On the contrary. It is chronicled by both sides that THERE WAS TREMENDOUS RESISTANCE BY THE AZTECS. It was only through the most determined effort that the Spanish, with their American Indian allies, were able to succeed.

It IS TRUE THAT MANY TRIBES DID WELCOME THE SPANIARDS. This also has been readily acknowledged by all authorities. Those tribes that had been forced to submit to their Aztec overlords were willing and able to aid the Spanish. NO ONE denies this.

"Some may have been given hallucinogenic mushrooms or pulque -- an alcoholic milky drink made from fermented cactus juice -- to numb them to what was about to happen."

THEY WERE NOT GIVEN A HALLUCINOGENIC MUSHROOM OR PULQUE [liquor made from mashed vegetables] TO NUMB THEM. THIS WAS NOT SOMETHING ADMINISTERED AS AN ANESTHETIC!! Those mushrooms in particular allow one, in the belief system of the Aztec, to leave this plane of existence and commune with the spirit world. Used by shamans to this day in Mexico.

Even the so-called experts give an interpretation that is incorrect.

[experts should not give an interpretation that is incorrect!!!]

"Don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you read [except on this blog of course]."



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