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Saturday, February 18, 2006


This is coolbert:

Here is a web site [and it is an excellent web site too!!] that describes in details of the differences between the Stryker vehicle and the M113 Gavin. Both currently being deployed in Iraq.

I have extracted pertinent items and comment in bold:

"M113 Gavin vs Stryker

The Army says the Stryker family of vehicles are considered less vulnerable to small arms and weapons fire than the M113 family of vehicles."

"The crew and engine compartments of the Strykers are fully protected up to 14.5mm armor piercing (AP) rounds while the crew and engine compartments of the M113s are protected only up to 7.62mm AP rounds."

As the article says, there was developed armor to add to the M113 that will defeat that 14.5 mm AP round, but not used.

There is a specific reason for defeating the 14.5 mm AP round. That is the round fired by a Soviet model heavy machine gun DESIGNED to defeat tanks and armored vehicles. That is a fifty seven [.57] caliber machine gun of formidable capability!!

"During and after the American Civil War, many military leaders looked at cavalry differently. The idea was that a horse was there for transportation and that was it."


"The experiences of Afghanistan and Iraq appeared to confirm the belief in the wisdom of transformation to meet the threats of the 21st century . . . the need arose for medium-armor units . . . heavier than the Humvee and M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier, but lighter than the Abrams Main Battle Tank or Bradley Fighting Vehicle."

I would not class the Humvee and the M113 in the same category. NOT EVEN!!

"The Stryker vehicle is an eight-wheeled infantry carrier. The vehicle is designed to get light infantry from point A to point B on the battlefield. Upon arrival, the troopers dismount the vehicle and fight on foot."

The Stryker is NOT INTENDED to be an IFV [infantry fighting vehicle]. Troops are NOT intended to fight FROM the vehicle. MUST dismount first. Same as the original concept for the M113.

"The difference between a Stryker and an M-113 is like the difference between a Yugo and a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost."

One could ask the question - - "who would like to take a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost into battle in the first place??!!"

"Maintenance is easier on the Stryker"

When enough spare parts are available. Lots of spare parts can be taken off of older M113 if needed.

"The Stryker can't go as many places as a fully tracked vehicle like the M-113"

This may very well be not a substantial advantage for the M113. YOU DO NOT need to go all places. Adequate transport is what counts if that is the case 95-99 % of the time.

"Handling characteristics of the Stryker are good, even up to 50 mph."

Again, you rarely if ever would achieve such high speeds in a combat situation.



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