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Sunday, January 01, 2006


This is coolbert:

For over a period of three decades now, I have been trying to confirm or deny a story I heard originally in the mid-1970's.

This story concerned an apocrypha tale that the Red Chinese had been able to cross a human with a female gorilla, and that the gorilla, pregnant and in a cage, had died during the Great Cultural Revolution [1960's] from neglect.

It was purported at the time that the goal of the Chinese was to create a creature that would be big, strong, have a very feeble degree of intelligence, but would be docile and trainable to an extent. The "creature" would perform work tasks that humans find difficult or dangerous to do. Such as work in mines, do forestry work [lumberjacking], etc. Dangerous stuff that requires strength, not a LOT of brain power, but is necessary for the society at large.

And my search for answers to the apocrypha has always been in the negative. This whole concept just seems to be totally without merit. It JUST CANNOT BE DONE.

[I even asked a micro-biologist about this, and he just laughed at the entire concept of crossing species such as humans and gorillas. NOT POSSIBLE according to this man [this is in the mid-1990's mind you now!!]]

It now seems that there is some truth to the whole subject of creating a "creature" that a cross between a human and a gorilla. At least there was a desire on the part of some to see such a "creature" be brought into this world.

Joseph Stalin, according to recently found papers from Soviet archives, DID instruct his "scientists" to provide him with such a "creature". Stalin's intent was to create a "super warrior" of a human-gorilla cross.

Stalin did want a "race" of super warrior soldiers from human-gorilla crosses to wage war for him. And "research" was done into the subject, but without success. IT WAS AT THE TIME NOT POSSIBLE TO CROSS HUMANS WITH GORILLAS!!

"SOVIET dictator Josef Stalin ordered his scientists to cross humans with APES to create an invincible breed of Red Army soldiers, secret documents show. Archive papers say the Kremlin chief demanded his Planet of the Apes warriors be “resilient and resistant to hunger”. He said they should be of “immense strength but with an underdeveloped brain”. He also wanted them to work on railway construction."

Read further about this whole topic by clicking here.

[along with the desires of Stalin, and the purported experiments of the Red Chinese, I have also read that Nazi "doctors" did "truth in science" experiments on Jewish women in attempts to cross species too. This also involved the human and the gorilla.]

Now, it would seem to me there is a whole big contradiction with the entire concept.

You would want a "creature" for a super warrior that would be big, strong, trainable, having a very limited intelligence and obedient. Docile when you want it to be docile, but aggressive when you want it to be aggressive. To combine all these factors in the same "creature" would be difficult. In my mind, this "creature" would be unpredictable. You could not count on it being "docile" one moment, but "aggressive" when you would want it to be. And then turn the aggressive nature off as you would flick a light switch. This would seem to me to be just impossible to find this exact combination of character traits and then trust the "thing"!! You might find the "thing" turning on YOU at a moments notice.

[now, as to the micro-biologist who said that in the mid-1990's that crossing of species is just not possible. I am not sure that is so any more. I have heard that zebras and horses have been crossed, as have been goats and sheep. To the layman, this should not pose a problem. But NO, these animals are very dissimilar. Even horses and zebras are further apart genetically than are say humans and gorillas. Such is my understanding!! WHO KNOWS FOR SURE THEN!!]

[further personal comment. I was listening to a National Public Radio program some years ago now and heard some surprising comments from this doctor who stated that the "ELITES" of this world were going to, and maybe already are trying to, breed two types of people. One type would be very strong, of limited intelligence, but docile. The other type would be persons of super-intelligence. NOT sure of the truthfulness of this. But it seems that old ideas die hard!!]



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