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Friday, March 12, 2004

This is coolbert: Axis a-bomb development. During WW2, the U.S. believed with some justification that the Manhattan Project, the project to develop the a-bomb in the U.S., had a parallel in Germany. That the German scientists were also at work on the a-bomb and that this was a real threat to the U.S. A race was on to build the first a-bomb, victory in the war going to the first belligerent that possessed the bomb. During the war, a special team of U.S. scientists went into Germany for the purpose of capturing and evaluating all info and scientists involved in German a-bomb development. The final word, told to us by the U.S. government, was that the German project was only in a rudimentary stage, did not have full and complete backing of Hitler, had only low priority on the weapons development agenda. Etc. And, as for the Japanese. Well, the Japanese were thought to be not even in the ball game. NO development or project even present. Still in the bows and arrows stage with regard to a-bomb development. Was this appreciation of the situation true? Well, there seems to be a certain degree evidence that indicates that a-bomb development in both German and Japan had progressed much further. More on this later.



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