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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


This is coolbert:

With regard to De Puy's verity # 2. Defense is the stronger form of combat.

It is easier to conduct a defense and get greater results from same with less than it is to conduct an offensive.

The strategic defense has been used by many commanders successfully. Wellington, Von Moltke, Meade, all used the strategic defensive with great success.

Wellington in particular was a master of the strategic defensive.

Intuitively realized the advantages of the strategic defensive and utilized the concept repeatedly during the Peninsular War against the forces of Napoleon.

Wellington's forces would advance into French held territory, compelling the French to respond. Wellington would then assume the defensive on terrain of his selection, terrain exceedingly suited for a defense. Make the French attack him on ground of his choosing, at the time of his choosing. Wellington would allow the French to expend their best units in fruitless attacks, all the while husbanding his best units, awaiting the exact right moment to launch an offensive of his own.