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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

This is coolbert: The Soviet SS-20 missile. Back in the early eighties, this missile and the NATO counter to it, the Pershing II-A or such, was huge point of contention between the west and the Soviets. If you visit the Air and Space Museum in Wash. D.C., there is an exhibit of the SS-20 and the Pershing standing side-by-side. A comparison between these two missiles tells a lot about the confrontation between the Soviets and NATO and the ridiculous comparisons that were made at the time. The Soviets deployed 500 of these missiles, each having a range of 3000 miles, each SS-20 carrying three warheads, each atomic warhead being of 500 kiloton range. Now, the U.S. Pershing had a range of 1500 miles, there were 100 of them, each carrying one warhead, the warhead being of 25 kiloton range. Let the reader do the math and figure out who had the advantage here. Now the Pershing was developed and deployed with great controversy. The SS-20 developed totally in secret and was only known to NATO through sophisticated intelligence gathering. Go figure!



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