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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Doctors of Death?

This is coolbert:

The Day of the Doctors?

"3 doctors arrested in failed bomb attacks"

NO, this is not from the fevered imagination of Joseph Stalin, circa 1950.

This is right now.

During the last few years, England has to import 20,000 foreign born and trained doctors to fill shortages in the National Health System?

That figure seems absurd. England no longer has students capable of becoming doctors? Absurd is a mild way to put it.

NOW, some of these foreign imports have planned and attempted to carry out mass murder using car bombs!

This group of terrorist doctors do not fit any profile of Islamic terrorists that have been previously compiled.

NOT poverty stricken, disaffected and very disgruntled young men.

NOT students that have gotten caught up in fundamentalism and been “turned” to follow the path of villainy.

These are pillars of the community types?? Healers NOT given over to fundamentalism or violence? Would seem not so in this case.

"al-Qa’eda has recruited doctors or other medical professionals because they are less likely to attract suspicion and can move easily around the western world."

[keep in mind that Zawahiri, the # 2 man in Al Qaeda, is a medical doctor, from one of the most prominent Egyptian families.]

Just a few moments ago, it was reported on the news that as many as forty to fifty other doctors of foreign origin have made threats on various Internet forums and a web site. Threats to KILL??

Well, the implications are really scary, are they not? If you can heal, you can kill. I would think the British authorities need to look at patients that these “doctors” have been treating. To see if there have been unexplained or sudden deaths and such!

And do not rule out that these folks would have access to chemicals [chemotherapy drugs] normally used as medications, but, if incorrectly prescribed or administered, can cause death. AND, ALSO, radiology types could easily get their hands on radioactive materials [Cesium 137 in particular] used for either diagnosis or treatment of illness [cancer primarily]. In the case of the Cesium 137, the ingredients for a “dirty bomb” are at hand!

Frightening? Yes! Also a demonstration of a malevolent and depraved mentality at work!




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