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Saturday, February 21, 2004

This is coolbert: OK. Now, if I was a person who knew something about electronic warfare, how could I have advised the North Vietnamese (NVA) as to how to defeat the Arc Light bombers at Khe Sanh (KS)? Well, in a previous post, I have mentioned that the Marines at KS set up large metal plates in a triangular pattern within their base so as to mark their position for overflying B-52's on an Arc Light mission. The bombardier in the lead plane would know where not to bomb. Now the NVA could have done this as a start. Set up analog metal plates in triangular patterns all over the KS area. Given out false indicators for the radar of the B-52's. The bombardier would be confused by the false images and not be able to tell the U.S. side from the NVA side. Would hesitate before delivering the bomb load. Secondly, the NVA could have had simple radar detectors with them. Tuned to the B-52 radar frequency. Upon detecting the radar of the B-52, they could issue a warning to their troops in the area to take cover. Coolie/laborers/engineers could have dug in the area trenches that the NVA troops could have immediately jumped into. Prevented them from being above ground and being killed or injured by the Arc Light carpet bombing mission. Thirdly, perhaps those radars of the B-52's were susceptible to jamming or spoofing [sending false echoes]. Again, if the NVA had the right equipment, they could have jammed or spoofed and created a big time headache for the bombardier of the lead B-52. Lastly, the Arc Light mission of three B-52's presumably had some way to unload their bombloads simultaneously on the same target, while flying in formation. Some sort of radio signal, on command, or a servo mechanism where the bombardier of the lead and control plane issues an electronic signal to unload all ordnance by a master/slave servo. I just don't know about this for a fact, but this is a possibility. Now, if this signal was know to the NVA, perhaps some sort of jamming or intrusion would also be possible on their part. Cause again all sorts of problems, or even inadvertent release of bomb load, not over the target.



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