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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Background check - - III. [End]

This is coolbert:

Persons desiring employment as a TSA baggage screener or a U.S. Border Patrol agent will be expected to submit to a rigorous back ground check prior to obtaining a security clearance. A background check relying heavily upon source documents more or less provided by the applicant.

A lot [?] of emphasis is placed on determining, with a high degree of certainty, a valid identification [ID] for the applicant.

I.e., if Bert applies to be a TSA screener, you [TSA] wants to ascertain, as best as is possible, that Bert is who he says he is.

A variety of source documents could be asked for and verified as part of the ID process.

Documents [biometrics in the case of fingerprints] to include: [can be used solely or in combinations, and not limited to!]

* Drivers license.

* Social security number.

* Fingerprints.

* Birth certificate.

* Firearms owners ID card.

Additional references and background information can also be check, sometimes in a cursory manner, sometimes in a very detailed manner, depending upon the depth of the investigation. School records, places of residence or employment, etc.

Merely having an applicant present documents is just not sufficient, in many cases. Verification is A MUST also. Source documents must be double-checked for validity.

This is not to say that source documents as a form of ID are 100 % reliable. It is possible for clever persons, drug dealers, terrorists, penetration agents, etc., to provide documentation that fools even the best of experts. Especially if that persons attempting to avoid detection as an imposter has the help of an intelligence/security agency.

Such as the man known as Ramzi Yousef.

"Ramzi Ahmed Yousef or Ramzi Mohammed Yousef (also transliterated as Ramzi Yusuf, Ramzi Youssef) (Arabic: رمزي يوسف‎), birth name possibly Abdul Basit Mahmoud Abdul Karim (Arabic: عبد الباسط كريم‎) and also known by dozens of aliases was born in Kuwait and is of Pakistani descent who was one of the planners of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing"

A really bag egg if there ever was one. A terrorist of the first magnitude, evil in the extreme, possessing a depraved and malevolent mentality, fiendishly clever! A man who:

* Was the mastermind of the first World Trade Center [WTC] bombing [1993].

* Hatched a plot to kill the Pope.

* Had the idea, almost brought to fruition, to blow out of the sky, over mid-ocean, twelve American airliners more or less simultaneously!!

A man who now sits, hopefully forever, in the SuperMax penitentiary, Colorado. [should have been executed, but alas, a jury has decided otherwise!!]

"He is held at the high-security Supermax prison ADX Florence in Florence, Colorado"

A man whose real identity, however, CANNOT be established with absolute certainty? Source documents, which appear to be valid, are instead doctored [professionally so too!!] in a manner which has fooled even the experts!!

"THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMB: Who is Ramzi Yousef? And Why It Matters"

"by Laurie Mylroie"

"The National Interest, Winter, 1995/96"

Please note carefully the date here. Three years after the first WTC bombing, but five years prior to 9/11, and the second WTC bombings. The author, in 1995/1996, does make some very pertinent points:

* Intelligence/security agencies of the U.S. have created a wall that makes meaningful investigations into "incidents" as the first WTC bombing more or less impossible. "The WALL"! FBI and CIA not talking to one another, not sharing data, and NOT INTERESTED IN DOING SO, EVEN HAVING A STRONG AVERSION TO COOPERATION!!

* The U.S. government, and society in general, is at a loss, or is generally in a malaise [?] as how to handle "incidents" such as the first WTC bombing. Is this a domestic act of terrorism to be handled in no manner different from any other ordinary criminal case, OR ARE BOMBINGS OF THIS NATURE ACTS OF WAR PERHAPS EVEN NECESSITATING THE ADOPTION OF DRACONIAN MEASURES TO PREVENT FURTHER EVIL ACTS!!??

"But who is he [Ramzi Yousef]? Is he a free-lance bomber? A deranged but highly-skilled veteran of the Muslim jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan? Is he an Arab, or of some other Middle Eastern ethnicity? Is there an organization--perhaps even a state--behind his work?"

"He presented an Iraqi passport without a U.S. visa, was briefly detained (and fingerprinted) for illegal entry"

"the mastermind of the bomb was a fugitive about whom almost nothing was known. How could anyone therefore declare confidently that he was not a foreign agent, especially in light of the fact that he had entered the United States on an Iraqi passport and had been known among the New York fundamentalists as 'Rashid, the Iraqi'?"

The man known as Ramzi Yousef entered the U.S. on an Iraqi passport [name on the passport not made clear!!], BUT FLED THE U.S. IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE FIRST WTC BOMBING, FIRST HAVING OBTAINED A PASSPORT UNDER THE ASSUMED NAME OF A KUWAITI KNOWN AS ABDUL BASIT KARIM!!

"Yousef escaped to Pakistan on falsified travel documents"

"there really was an Abdul Basit Karim, a Pakistani born in Kuwait"

Files for Abdul and his parents were maintained both by the Kuwaiti governement and the Pakistani embassy in Kuwait. Files and records evidently tampered with by the Iraqi in the months after the 1990 invasion and occupation of Kuwait.

"Kuwait's Interior Ministry maintained files on them"

"the files for Abdul Basit and his parents in Kuwait's Interior Ministry have been tampered with. Key documents from the Kuwaiti files on Abdul Basit and his parents are missing."

"The files on Abdul Basit and his family that should be in the Pakistani embassy in Kuwait are missing. The Pakistani government now has no record of the family."

It can be surmised that [??] the Iraqi intelligence service [Mukhabarat]:

"Moreover, Iraqi intelligence apparently switched fingerprint cards, removing the original with Abdul Basit's fingerprints and replacing it with one bearing those of Yousef."

"1) known of, or caused, the death of Abdul Basit and his family; 2) tampered with Kuwait's Interior Ministry files, above all switching the fingerprint cards; and 3) filched the files on Abdul Basit and his family from the Pakistani embassy in Kuwait."

"the World Trade Center bomber's real name is probably neither Ramzi Yousef nor Abdul Basit."

"Is 'Ramzi Yousef' really Abdul Basit or not? Let those who remember Abdul Basit from before August 1990 meet Yousef in person and tell us."

This too, may be futile. Identification by persons who KNEW Basit at an earlier time may be inconclusive. You can bet that the Iraqi, if they did tamper with the files of Basit and substituted the ID of Ramzi Yousef, would have been clever enough to select a person [Basit] that in appearance, height, weight, age, is an approximate match to Ramzi Yousef.

EVEN THE MOST EXHAUSTIVE AND INTRUSIVE OF RECORDS CHECKS CAN AVAIL INVESTIGATORS LITTLE WHEN IT COMES TO TERRORISTS SUCH AS RAMZI YOUSEF!! Ramzi, presenting himself as Abdul Basit, for all practical purposes, his charade being undetectable. Aided and abetted by the Iraqi security services, masters in such endeavors??!!

A word of caution here. Laurie Mylroie, the author of the article, "Who is Ramzi Yousef?", is considered to be a nut-job in some circles. If so, she is a nut-job employed as an associate professor by Harvard!!

Laurie Mylroie is a conspiracy theorist who is an "Armchair Provocateur . . . 'The Neocons' favorite conspiracy theorist"? At any rate, is not a liked person in some quarters.

I keep my own council regarding Laurie Mylroie and her theories!!


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